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Press Release: Innoson Vehicles Releases Luxury IVM G80 and G40 SUV

GoodNews! The long awaited luxurious Innoson IVM G80 and G40 has been released by Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co Ltd, Nigeria’s first indigenous Vehicle Manufacturing Company. It should be recalled that last year, The Chairman of Innoson Vehicles, Chief Dr Innocent Chukwuma OFR promised Nigerians that he would manufacture a Made in Nigeria luxurious SUV that will be added to its range of vehicles to accommodate the high cadre of Nigerians who wishes to drive a Made-in-Nigeria vehicle. The date for the official Vehicle Launch will be announced soon.

Also released is G20, a 7 seater sedan and INNOSON IVM GRANITE (5 SEATER DOUBLE CABIN PICK-UP) 2018 MODEL. The IVM Granite comes in 3 variance which includes; 2WD, 2.7 Petrol; 4WD 2.7 Petrol; 4WD 2.4 Diesel.

For enquiries on Innoson Vehicles call Kosy on 08030889955 or send mail to


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    Iam proud of you guys…….I wish am the country’s president I would have encourage all to buy from you.

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    If our government is really ready to improve our economy then this is high time for them to stop patronising made in foreign product let the change begin from them by compelling all the government parastatals house of assembly to presidency to start using made in Nigeria product kudos to innoson I love your good work keep it up

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    Amazing!!! I pray Government makes these vehicles the official vehicles of FGN. For this would only make “commonsense”. Its only RIGHT to patronize what is ours. Well Done Innoson.

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    Am so happy now, G5, G40 & G80. Love to hear such news.
    Bravo IVM!
    Long live and great success

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    Sure this is were my First SUV will be coming from. Think you guys should make the prices and specs known….

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    Your innovation is great and brands are fantastic. I am highly interested in your brand particularly the G80 and the G40. But the problems are: your website is not informative enough about the pricing of vehicle and IVM brands mechanics are scarce on every state, Benin City in particular. What would happens in case of repairs and servicing if I bought your brand?. Well done for driving Africa forward. Consider me as your prospective customer.

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    Have you got all your vehicle brands in other West Africa Countries – Sierra Leone, Ghana…

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    I will only purchase my country made car from now on. I love what I am seeing and will definitely buy one in short time.

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    I am really happy and impressed but i will want to suggest you start convincing not only nigerian’s but african’s (and the world) why we should buy your cars. You need to spend serious money on adverts (powerful adverts ) that will cover all major cities. your cars need to be in our faces not just social media.
    You need to partner with banks and stable salary paying companies to offer 2 to 3 year payment plan on your utility cars to make it affordable to the common masses (our economy is really making it difficult for average citizens to afford new cars) ,r you should also run workshops for mechanics and customer programs on how to maintain your car brands on TV (this will in itself serve as an advert )
    You also need to think globally … get in touch with producers of car shows like BBC top gear ..Grand Tour etc to enable them feature you car, believe me every ‘petrol head’ (car enthusiast) in the whole world watches such shows ….you also need to watch them to understand what people really need and want in a car….

    Honestly i believe in your brand and will like to own one but i am not sure local mechanics around will be able to repair them and my bank might not give me a facility that will enable me purchase it with ease, so i may have to stick to a tokunbo till i am i strong enough (financially)

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    Thank you for thinking outside the box. it is impressive that Innoson group chose to set the pace for something unique and spectacular. I’m amazed and thrilled at the feat you are performing. Please ensure that the standard of your vehicles remain very high, this would encourage your customers to buy with confidence. Bravo!!!


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