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Do you dream of owning a car? Do you imagine yourself inside a brand new car inhaling the smell of a new leather seat?

If you do, here is the good news: you CAN own a brand new car today and pay later.

At Innoson Vehicles, we have always been driven with the purpose of enabling our customers to own a car and drive with pride. And we know that you are among those who dream of owning a car of your own. The good news is that, we are about to make that dream of yours become a reality.

With the partnership between Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing and Access Bank, through the Auto Finance Plan, you can now own a brand new car from Innoson and pay with ease.

The repayment period is spread out over 36 months (3 years) allowing you the ease to pay the corresponding monthly amount for the particular vehicle you choose.

How to Access Innoson Auto Finance

  1. Choose your preferred vehicle
  2. Walk into any Access Bank nationwide to open an account for auto finance processing. Hotline: Access Bank: 07003000000
  3. Contact us for the proforma invoice of your preferred vehicle after Access Bank account opening confirmation. Hotline: – Innoson Vehicles: 07049087160, 08037222939, 08122202053
  4. Pay the required % down payment at Access Bank and wait for your vehicle to be delivered to you wherever you are in Nigeria.
    To get started

    Call our IVM Auto Finance Hotlines Now:

07049087160, 08037222939, 08122202053- Innoson Vehicles

07003000000- Access Bank

Find your Style and Drive with Pride!

07049087160, 08037222939, 09138177285, 08122202053, 09020984374, 08054459560, ‎


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About Innoson Vehicles

We are manufacturing durable and affordable brand new automobiles for Africans. Our brand new automobiles are selling for almost the cost of their tokunbo equivalents. And they are as good as any foreign automobile brand you know!


Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited is committed to manufacturing and sale of quality vehicles that meet our customers’ requirements or exceed their expectations and all applicable statutory and quality requirements.

We are totally committed to continual improvement of our quality management system.

This quality policy is communicated, understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels in our organisation.

Chairman/Chief Executive Officer