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The essence of culture is not static, but a fluid force that evolves over time, adapting and blossoming as it meets the future. Innoson Vehicles, ever conscious of this dynamic, has weaved this cultural fabric into the creation of our vehicles. We are proud to introduce you to our latest embodiment of this ethos in our new commercial for the Innoson Ijele Pickup.

Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of the Igboland, the Ijele pickup pays tribute to the revered masquerade – a grand spectacle that has commanded respect, awe, and celebration for centuries. The Ijele masquerade is an emblem of ancestral spirit, an enduring legacy passed down through generations. Our new commercial brings this ancestral spirit to life, framing it within the context of modern ingenuity.

The video journey begins with the serene and haunting sound of the Oja flute at dawn. It then moves onto the Ijele masquerade in action, a sight that brings our past vividly alive. These visuals transition from a grainy old film shot to a sharp modern image, marking the evolution from tradition to technology. The result? The reveal of the majestic, robust, and monolithic Innoson Ijele pickup truck.

But this vehicle is not just a symbol; it is a manifestation of power and strength. Engineered with a 3.0L Turbo Engine and 4WD, the Innoson Ijele pickup is designed to conquer any terrain with the same ease that it has bridged the gap between our cultural roots and contemporary needs.

The Innoson Ijele is a testament to our commitment to regionalisation – tailoring our vehicles to the tastes, preferences, and conditions of the Nigerian and wider African environment. It epitomizes our vision to create vehicles that are not just for the African terrain but also celebrate the African spirit.

By bringing cultural heritage to the road, we invite you to experience this journey with us, to feel the power, pride, and spirit of the African roads in every drive. We invite you to witness the legacy of the Innoson Ijele.

To watch our new commercial, please visit our social media handles or click on this link (Watch). We’d love to hear your thoughts on this celebration of our cultural heritage and technological innovation. The Innoson Ijele is made in Nigeria and made for you, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

Get ready to make way for the Innoson Ijele – truly the Pride of African Roads!

Author: Choice Arukwe

Choice Arukwe

Author Choice Arukwe

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