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Innoson Vehicle Mfg. Co. Ltd today announces the withdrawal of our endorsement of FACE OF IVM project with the theme – BEAUTY AND SKILLS.

The withdrawal became necessary so as to enable us remodel the project because of the modus operandi the project is being co-ordinated upon by the organiser, as the current organiser has not shown sufficient capacity to handle such world-class project that is aimed toward empowering Nigeria youths through skill acquisition.

The FACE OF IVM project is an initiative that is aimed to empower millions of Nigeria youths through skills acquisition and we are poised to avail Nigeria youths the platform where they would add more value to our beloved country.

Our withdrawal may further be reviewed when Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing is convinced on the processes and procedures that would be adopted by the organisation which will be in line with the company’s corporate brand and marketing objectives.

We hereby urge Nigeria Student Leadership Forum (NSLF) to discontinue the usage of IVM, IVM logo and other materials related to Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing in their promotions and publicity.

Cornel Osigwe ANIPR,
Public Relations and Media Consultant
Innoson Group

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