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For several hours @Innosonmotors has been trending positively and negatively on various social media platforms.

On the positive note, the NAF led by CAS, Air Marshal Sadiane Baba Abubakar lauded @ Innosonmotors for providing technical support that has enabled the NAF sustain operations against the Boko Haram insurgents.

@innosonmotors provided this support to the NAF by helping them to locally manufacture some components of NAF Alpha Jet that is used to fight Boko Haram.

@innosonmotors is happy that NAF appreciated our work and is further making effort to forge new frontiers with IVM.

On the other note, one of our customers took to a social media platform to complain about his dissatisfaction with some certain aspect of our cars which generated a lot of reactions among our fans and followers. We have taken note of his concerns and took a step further to call him. We are currently working to address all issues raised.

Going further, we appreciate and thank Nigerians for their support and believe in us. It has not been easy for us getting to where we are right now; we are determined to improve on our quality, and in making all Innoson brand of vehicle more durable and rugged.

@innosonmotors believes that Innoson IVM is our collective project; therefore we will continue to welcome your criticism and feedback which we believe will make Innoson IVM better.

We can only get better. It is our own, drive with pride.

Thank You Nigeria!

 Cornel Osigwe ANIPR,
Public Relations and Media Consultant
Innoson Group

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