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Innoson IVM Tips (7)Taking good care of your car is important. The better care you give your car, the more efficiently it functions. If you are driving an Innoson car you are already aware that upon purchase of any vehicle from Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co Ltd or any of its authorized dealers, we commit to being by your side by providing prompt and quality after sales service to you no matter your location through our Innoson IVM service centers and mobile workshops, However, we are also concerned about the type of fuel you put in your car. Therefore this week, we are going to give you tips on filling up your vehicle.

When it comes to filling up your fuel tank, you’re often faced with all sorts of options. Whether you use diesel or fuel, check out what you need to know about filling up your vehicle, bad fuel makes the engine run slower and eventually leads to total damage of the Engine.

  1. Do not fill up when there is a delivery truck in the pump Station

First and foremost, if there is a delivery truck filling the underground storage tanks when you stop to buy petrol, DO NOT fill up! The pumping action will be stirring up all the crud at the bottom of the storage tanks and if you fill up now, despite the pump filters, some of that crud will end up in your tank. Come back in a couple of hours when the residue will have had time to settle again or go to a different station

  1. Turn off your engine when filling your tank

It’s common knowledge that you should turn off your engine before refilling your tank, but most of us don’t realize that it’s very important. When you’re filling your tank, ensure your engine is off and your keys are out of the ignition and in your pocket. This way, there’ll be no chance of anyone in the car accidentally turning on the engine when you’re part-way through the fill.

  1. Less is more.

Take advantage of the morning hours by filling up your tank early in the day, while the ground temperature is still cold. The temperature of fuel, diesel and other petroleum products plays an important role in getting the most for your money. Petrol stations do not have temperature compensation at the pumps (though loading and storage facilities do, ensuring them greater accuracy). Because the storage tanks are underground, the colder the ground the denser the petrol. While some of us may have heard that it’s a good idea to tank up one’s car in the morning, many of us actually don’t know the reason behind it. The reason is quite simple – in the mornings you get more value for your money spent. Petroleum products expand when they are warm, so due to the expansion you end up with a lesser percentage of fuel for the money you’ve paid if you’re filling up in the afternoon or during the day. In the mornings or at night, however, when the temperature is cooler, fuel is denser.

  1. Petrol evaporates more quickly than you might think.

When you’re filling up, if you have time on your hands, fill up at about 1/3 of full power. This minimizes the backflow of evaporating vapor created whilst you’re filling up. The vapor has a chance to re-condense in your tank rather than being wasted into the outside air.

  1. Fill up when your gas tank is half empty.

The first tip is similar to this last tip – crud in the bottom of the tank. If you let your tank get nearly empty, your fuel pump will start pulling the crud in the bottom of your tank and you run more risk of blocking a fuel filter. The other reason though is that the more fuel you have in your tank, the less air there is above it to be filled with vapor that will escape as soon as you take the petrol cap off.

Now, how much of a difference will these sorts of things make in your vehicle? One a single tank, not much. Over the course of a year, you might actually notice a difference. Over the lifetime of your vehicle, probably a measurable difference.

At Innoson Motors we offer quality after sales service for every car you purchase with a 1 year engine, axles and gear warranty or 10000km warranty advantage.

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